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Winter Setting in

We had our first taste of Winter before the season is truly upon us!

At the house we picked up a super dry and fluffy 17”!

All the snow has got the shop in full on tying and regrouping for the Spring mode. While the Tailwater rivers of the South Holston and Watauga stay consistent with the full on spawn/post-spawn bite our trips over to TN for guests has started to slow. The skiing and riding on the slopes right now is prime time so I can’t say I blame any visitors of the High Country for taking advantage!

With this hunker down mindset comes the avenue of new ideas at the vise….or just restocking the essentials….

We’re stocking and restocking the tying essentials in the shop in anticipation of the Winter tying sessions/the oncoming Spring Guide season/and hopefully soon announcing some community open tie Tying nights! Stay tuned…

As promised we are expanding the beer selection. Just brought on New Belgium, Foothills Brewing, Lost Province (literally down the street), Greenman, Highlands, and Rogue from out West!

As always this is all from everyone’s input:

If there’s something you want me to carry just let me know and it’ll be here!

Stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram especially on our stories – typically general shenanigans with huge beer sales!

Til next time Goodnight Grandfather!
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