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Casting Clinics

International Fly Fishing Certified Instructor

Casting class Rates + Info

Casting ClinicPrice
1 Hour Lesson$100 Per Person
We can accommodate various groups and sizes; Families, Corporate, Parties, etc. We have a staff of fully trained professional guides ready to help! Contact us if you have any questions.

By the end of this lesson, beginners will have a foundational understanding of fly casting, including how to rig the fly rod, proper hand and body positioning, the basic mechanics of a fly cast, and when to apply them

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Casting Clinic


Please Note: Booking a fishing trip requires a NON-REFUNDABLE 50% deposit. The full value is non-refundable within 7 days of the scheduled trip date, however, we will honor your deposit and reschedule for a future date if we are completely booked on your preferred date or other conflicts arise.


Learn how to cast from our in-house International Fly Fishing Certified Instructor offering in-depth tips and skills for one or two-handed casting.

5-Star Casting Clinic Instructors

Michael Lovich
Michael Lovich
David was great! He took the time to teach my wife on her first trip and provide technique changes to me at the same time. Awesome conversations, great suggestions, and excited interest in doing more. Can't say enough great things about David and our full-day wade trip!!!
CHRIS Wheeler
CHRIS Wheeler
If your looking for a good fishing Trip give High Country a try David was super professional and knowledgeable and we had a hot bite at every Hole we fished super satisfied!!!!!
Matthew Clear
Matthew Clear
Great trip with High Country Guide Service and Collin Kreis-Potgeiter. Caught many fish over the three days in Boone and Tennessee but this one was special. Thanks Collin!
Eli Tate
Eli Tate
Easy reservations and communication. Very experienced and knowledgeable team. Full service guided float trip on the Watauga was fun, educational, and we caught browns and rainbows with wet and dry flies. Worth the expense and we have used them for double digit trips!
Justin Jones
Justin Jones
Kirby exceed our greatest expectations. Had us catching fish in the 1st hour out. Lost track of how many fish we caught. It was such an amazing and memorable day. Catching the biggest fish we have every dreamed of catching. Cant wait to get out with him again.
Jonathan Pearce
Jonathan Pearce
Corey is an awesome guide! We have been several times with other guides (and other companies) and prefer Foscoe (Boone fly shop) to the rest. Super easy to contact and great trips each time we've gone. We finally took the plunge and bought some cheap rods and our guide, Corey, was gracious enough to get us setup for our solo adventures. Appreciate the help, we are hooked on fly fishing now!
Rhett J
Rhett J
Had an absolute blast whipping with these guys. Knowledgeable, friendly, and humble. Stewards of their local environment and conservation of everything we love as outdoorsman. I can’t recommend them enough.
Jan Lhotsky
Jan Lhotsky
Wonderful 2 days last week on a couple of beautiful stretches of the Watauga River with terrific guides.
Terry Frost
Terry Frost
Skye as a fly fishing guide with High Country guide service made our adventure so much fun! Skye is extremely knowledgeable of the sport and creates such an environment that makes you want to keep learning. He was very patient with us being newbies and was very encouraging in the cold and rain. Skye has given us the desire to get out there again soon! Thanks Skye!!
Travis Brown
Travis Brown
Did a half-day trip with Kirby. We went out in the snow and freezing temps for my first fly fishing trip ever and had a blast. Even caught a couple of beautiful rainbows and a large brown. He taught me about reading water, tying knots, strategy and technique and was able to pick out my bad habits to teach me a better way. I would highly recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions About our Casting Clinic

Can my large group book a Casting Clinic?

Yes! We can accommodate various groups and sizes; Families, Corporate, Parties, etc. We have a staff of fully trained professional guides ready to help! Contact us below if you have any questions.

What does a typical Casting Clinic look like?

Here is our sample lesson plan for our Casting Clinic:
1. Introduction (10 minutes):
– Welcome and introduction to fly casting.
– Brief overview of the equipment: fly rod, reel, fly line, leader, and tippet. – Explanation of the purpose of fly casting in fly fishing.
2. Rigging the Fly Rod (10 minutes):
– Demonstration and hands-on practice of assembling the fly rod. – Attaching the reel to the rod.
– Properly threading the fly line through the guides.
– Securing the leader and tippet to the fly line.
3. Holding the Fly Rod (10 minutes):
– Explanation of proper grip and hand positioning on the fly rod.
– Practice holding the rod with both hands, ensuring a comfortable and balanced grip. – Emphasis on relaxed hands and wrists.
4. Holding the Line (5 minutes):
– Teaching how to hold and control the fly line.
– Practice stripping line through the fingers while maintaining control. – Importance of maintaining tension and feeling the line.
5. Physics and Mechanics of a Fly Cast (10 minutes):
– Overview of the basic physics behind fly casting.
– Demonstration of the casting stroke: back cast and forward cast. – Explanation of the loading and unloading of the rod.
– Hands-on practice of the basic casting motion without a fly.
6. Different Casting Techniques (15 minutes):
– Introduction to various casting techniques: false cast and what it is used for, roll casts and
spey skills, steeple casts and reach casts.
– Tips and tricks for each technique, emphasizing accuracy and presentation. – Common mistakes and how to correct them.
7. Tips and Tricks for Beginners:
– Discussion of common challenges faced by beginners. – Tips for improving accuracy, distance, and line control. – Encouragement and motivation for continued practice.
8. Q&A and Conclusion (15 minutes):
– Open floor for questions and clarifications.
– Recap of key points.
– Assignment of practice exercises for students to work on between lessons.

Do I need to bring/purchase any gear to participate?

No, we will provide the following materials:
– Fly rod and reel
– Fly line
– Leader and tippet
– Assorted flies
– Open practice area (preferably a grassy field)

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