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Kanektok River Trip July 22-28

Just a note to let you know the Kanektok River trip was everything we hoped for and so much more. Saw beautiful scenery, caught lots of fish, and had an overall great adventure. It was an added bonus to have Andrew and his dad Dan join us to finish out the group. I remembered Andrew from his time working at the Lodge. They certainly had more camping experience than we four Texans, and were a great help the first few days as we learned how to set up and break down our tents.

Dave runs a fantastic camp and knows that river and the fish like the back of his hand. He served the finest meals I have ever eaten in a tent camp. Chris and Sky were great guides and worked their tails off to make sure we had a great experience. The added hot shower system is a real luxury. We joked only thing missing was the spa robe and slippers.

We each caught lots of Rainbows and Dolly’s, the occasional Sockeye that took us well into our backing, enough Pinks and Chum for everyone to get pics, and a few Coho on the last day. Probably 3 of the 6 caught the Pacific Salmon grand slam, with the others lacking only a Coho. We each had the chance to catch Rainbows on a mouse pattern which is always fun.

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